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Update and Late New Years Resolutions :P

Life has been pretty much the same since last I posted. It's weird, as I get older it seems like time just passes by without much notice. And I know I say this every time but I really do miss my journal and would like to post more. As for an update, I'm STILL in school ~_~ I like school but it's ridiculous how long I've been a college student >_< I try not to get discouraged about it and enjoy my classes and keep my eyes on the prize! This semester I'm taking Earth Science and Astronomy which are both really neat. I'm learning a lot and it's fun ^_^ So it's really not that bad I guess :P Can't wait till I graduate though! Also I still have my job at the library and still love it ^_^
So this year I was more careful with my New Years Resolutions. I wanted to pick ones that I actually have a chance of achieving (though I still want to try to write a novel someday, just not right now) and here they are:

Read my Bible every day (so far I'm doing better this year ^_^)
Read 50 books of any kind including manga ^_^
Read more non-fiction
Keep with running (been running two miles about every other day, would like to make it three)
Update my livejournal more :P
Sew something, anything ^_^'
Finish Twilight Princess (started this game forever ago and for some reason never finished it)
Study Japanese (I took two semesters of it but it's been awhile and I'm very rusty)
Learn Waltz for the Moon on piano

I feel more confident about some than others but will try to achieve all of them ^_^ Until next time!

A-Kon 22 report: Mark Hildreth Post ^_^

Yes, it's been forever, again. I love my journal I really do, eventhough it often gets neglected ~_~ I feel like I'm always on the go, like I'm always busy with something but the thing is, I'm really not, go figure. Anyway, yes this year's A-kon was AWESOME! Two words: Mark Hildreth >_< *squeal* He is the voice of Heero Yuy which is my favorite anime character from my favorite anime series. When I found out he was going to be there it was hard to contain myself, I feel bad for my husband lol. I was soooo happy I got to meet him ^.^

AND he had a concert where he sang pop/r&b songs on the piano *double squeal* He was amazing and not just because I'm a big fan but he really is.

I bought his cd and have been listening to it everytime I have to drive somewhere, it's so good! Makes me sad that more people haven't heard him but I'll do my best to spread the word ^_^ So yes I got to meet him and got him to autograph my copy of Princess and the Pauper (he also does the voice of King Dominick ^.^) and a Wing Zero model kit I found in the dealer's room. Here's a pic of my Mark Hildreth stuffs complete with CD and complimentary T-shirt ^_^

I asked him if he was coming back next year and he said maybe, I sure hope he does then maybe I can come up with better questions for his Q&A and be on time for his concert :P It would be awesome to see him again, he's a pretty cool guy and I'd like to learn more about him. Well that's all I'm going to post for now. More A-Kon reports coming soon! ^_^

Somewhat of an update...

First, I just want to say...I love October! ^_^

Oh my gosh I've really been slacking on updating my journal! >_< Not too much has changed, I'm working at a different library which is closer to where my family lives so it's nice because I can visit them more often ^_^ I really really love my job! The pay isn't all that great but it's ok. Let's see, school is about the same, still going back and forth and not really getting anywhere lol but my current plan is to go back to UNT and major in middle school science. I've actually been wanting to do this for awhile but backed out because of financial reasons. But I've decided that it's better to go for what you want no matter what. I believe God is leading me and I know He will take care of me ^_^

Church has been awesome! My church family has been doing a study on what it means to be the Church and to be a leader worth following. I've gotten so much out of this study and I feel like I've really grown from it. I also might be going to Mongolia next summer with a group from my church ^_^ I'm so excited! It's been so long since I've been on a foreign mission trip. I'll be updating on that when I find out more.

I've also been playing Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 and it's soooooo fun! It's easy and super addictive, haha yes I might play it too much but it's been forever since I've been into a game like that. I've also been listening to Harry Potter on audio and am on book 4. I already read the series but it's been awhile and I wanted to go back over the series before Deathly Hallows comes out.

Well I'm going to get some cleaning done before going to work, Mata Ne!

I miss having internet Wah! :P

I really do though and I'm hoping to get online access soon, I miss it :( plus I'm hoping to get into an online class this summer so that would be very helpful. Well I don't really have too much to say and I'm ready to go home lol, goodbye for now!

Christmas is almost here

I really like how my journal looks now. I felt it was time for a change since it feels like things have changed so much in my life in a short amount of time, not necessarily a bad thing though. Actually I'm feeling pretty good about my life right now ^_^ There are still things I'm not sure about but overall I feel very thankful for how blessed I am. I've become more mature, focusing more on the good than the bad. Other than that I've been playing WoW ^_^ I'm not addicted but I sometimes play a lot and it's fun ^_^ I'm still without a job so Christmas is going to be cheap this year but I really don't get caught up in all the gift buying business anyway and absolutely hate it when people ask me what I want for Christmas. I tell them nothing, really, but people are stubborn and won't shut up until you give in *sigh* ah well lol.
Yesterday my husband and I went to the animal shelter ^_^ I used to volunteer a long time ago before Nick and I were together and have missed it ever since so it was a good time ^_^ I love spending time with all the cats and dogs and I know it means a lot to them too. I just pray that they find good homes. I tell people to check their first if they're wanting a pet and hopefully people will become more aware of shelter animals.
I've also been brainstorming some ideas for things I can make and sell since I don't have a job yet. My brother's girlfriend makes jewelry and really cute bookmarks and I thought maybe I could learn and sell them on ebay. Sounds fun anyway and it would be nice to make some money.
Wow it's cold here! It usually doesn't get this cold in Texas until November but the weather changes a lot here too so go figure :P I don't mind it, I LOVE sweaters and hot chocolate ^_^

I have a school project due next week that I haven't even started on *_* I'll get it done though I always do. This semester has been really hard to get through though. I'm majoring in Elementary Education and I don't think I want to continue with it. I have learned some interesting things but overall its really not my cup of tea. *sigh* I was really hoping to stick to something and finish school soon. Which brings me to my decision to major in biology again. I have an Associates degree in Biology and it's something I've always been interested in ever since I was kid so it makes sense. I just don't know what I would do after I graduated but I think that's my problem, I'm worried to much about finding a job afterward. But I really believe that if you study something you like then everything will work out one way or another. I might decide to teach later on in life but for now I want to learn about things I'm actually interested in. Just gotta get through this semester!

My husband and I still are living with his parents and things are pretty tense right now. I'm not going to go into details because there's way to much but it involves his delusional controlling mother. We did look at some apartments but they don't allow pets so that's a no go. So we're still looking and hopefully will get out of here soon.

Well I hope everyone has a great day! ^_^ Be blessed!


wedding thoughts

My husband and I never had a wedding. It was a spur-of-a-moment eloping but it was nice. Well, I really wanted a wedding but money and time and me being impatient made it difficult to plan one. Originally we were going to get married on September 9, 2009 because we thought it would be neat to get married on 9-9-09 (not to mention an easy date to remember ^_~). But it just so happens to fall on a Thursday so my family was against it saying that a wedding should be on the weekend so that everyone could come. Ok makes sense but then people kept giving me their "suggestions", questioning my choice of dress, colors, etc. I learned quickly that to actually plan your own wedding you need a backbone of steel, or atleast in my situation. So, long story short, we ended up eloping on March 23, 2008 which is on a Thursday! Ha! And we didn't even realize the irony until afterward. I do love my family and friends very much though and I want them to see us get married. Plus I want to be pretty, wearing a pretty dress and make pretty pictures ^_~ Sooooooo our two year anniversary will fall on a Saturday and I've seriously considered planning a wedding for that date. I'm going to talk with some people about it and go from there. Wish me luck!

what to do what to do >_

I haven't posted in such a long time, *sigh* there has just been so much going on... School is almost over for the summer though ^_^ I need it too! Well, actually I think this is just the calm before the storm, so I'm enjoying it while I can. Ok, so I thought I wanted to quit my job so that I could focus more on school and get it done already so I talked to my husband about it and he suggested that we live with his parents since it's not too far from my school and it would be easier on him financially. I initially thought it was a good idea but some drama has happened between me and his mom so I'm not comfortable with the idea of living with her. It's really stupid and immature and I don't really know what to do about it. Nick also misses his family and so this be for him too and that makes it even harder. I keep telling myself all the benefits of living with his parents but I honestly don't how it will work out. Plus, I've actually been enjoying my job more so now I'm not sure I want to quit after all, eventhough it would help with school which is more important anyway, sheesh! Yes, so I'm at a bit of a stand still and have no idea how all this will turn out :( Oh yea, and I talked to the college advisor today because I'm thinking about changing my major to 4th-8th science but he told me that my college hours for my last semester would excede my hour limit and I would have to pay almost double tuition. I don't think it's fair because college is outrageously expensive anyway and I shouldn't be penalized just because I can't make up my mind. Good grief.


A New Semester Just Around the Corner

While I am excited to start the semester I'm also a little anxious. I know that in my bio I've stated that I would like to be a teacher but it's not set in stone. The truth is, I really have no idea where I'll end up in five years or so. You think it would be an easy choice to make since it kinda involves me and I kinda know me *sigh* but alas, I haven't a clue. However I am starting to have more fun with school rather than take it so seriously, acting like I have one chance and once chance only so I better not mess it up lol well it can save a lot of money. I just have this really bad habit of imagining the future and trying to map it all out of course that never works and thank goodness for that.

I'm also excited about getting better grades this time. Last semester was rather rough, so many changes happened and I was so drained and unmotivated with my studies but I am feeling more settled and more positive now and my new job at the library has been great ^_^ you know, it does make a significant difference in your life when you actually like your job and this is the best job I've ever had, I feel so blessed ^_^

Well I hope everyone is nice and warm ^_^ Winter has officially started here in Texas. But hey now that I know how to knit I can make some scarves, any color you want just nothing too fancy and you probably won't receive it until summertime lol Have a great weekend.


A Goal Achieved!

Ok it isn't exactly a New Year's Resolution but it is something I've wanted to learn for awhile. Yesterday I went to the library after-hours to meet with a knitting group and well, I learned how to knit! I only learned the basics though, but I was looking through some knitting magazines and saw all kinds of neat clothes and bags and things to knit ^.^ It's amazing how much you can make *_* of course there's much to learn but that's fine, it's so much fun! Also, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. My mom crochets a lot and she had a hard time learning how to knit so I assumed it would be difficult for me to learn but it wasn't that bad at all even with how incredibly ungraceful I am lol. So I guess it depends which one you learn first. I'd like to eventually learn crochet but I think I'll stick with knitting for now.